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Your digital analytics tool can make or break your intranet’s success. Here’s why.

How do you know if you’re using your SharePoint intranet efficiently and successfully? Your digital analytics tool can tell you – with numbers. It also holds the keys to understanding your intranet users. And even better.

Share point : your digital analytics tool  
Customer success story Using mobile analytics data to optimise a mobile app

L’Équipe is the leading daily sport newspaper in France. Across all its platforms combined (websites, mobile sites, and mobile apps), it sees 1.5 billion pageviews per month (figures from 2016). 

Mobile analytics strategies: Zoom on the press, banking & hospitality sectors

Web traffic and mobile traffic have swapped places – in other words, 52.7% traffic now comes from mobile (according to a 2016 study from relatia). What are businesses in the press, banking and hospitality industries making of this trend? 

Mobile analytics strategies  
Infographic : dat quality in digital analytics 

Infographic: Data Quality in Digital Analytics

Though data has become an increasingly strategic element for companies, its quality remains a significant challenge for a majority of groups. Bad decisions – based on bad data – have a direct impact on business performance. 


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