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The Roundup

A tech version of the Hippocratic Oath. / Challenging anonymity on the web. / Is the future of code just...more code? / The art of the approximate, or the genius of botched innovation (video). / Relationships across time with data visualisation.

Deontological ethics

Data is everywhere, and leaks, abuses, intrusions, fraud, measurement biases and other scandals are becoming more frequent. The only positive in all this is that data quality has become a priority: from measurement and distribution to security, interpretation, compliance, even ethics. What if we asked our data scientists and chief data officers.... Read more

Purity or freedom? 

It’s one or the other. France’s president has inclinations towards sterilisation when it comes to Internet users’ freedom of speech. He recommends we waive our anonymity on social networks in the name of information purity. Imagine having to upload your ID to sign up on Twitter. In the GDPR era that we live in, this is quite the paradox...  
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Coding for all? 

Learning how to code helps you understand the digital world, and is above all a great way to find a job given today’s shortage of web developers. Consider the success of coding boot camps, Simplon and the 42 school, for example. Yet it remains a divisive issue. Some see a risk should this training become too widespread... Read More 

The failure strategy

Crashes, shoddy work, bugs, snafus, mess-ups, junk: it’s her jam. Meet Simone Giertz, the queen of Shitty Robots. Giertz praises failure as an antidote to perfection. The engineer shows us her inventions, each one as useless as the next. It’s a strategy of failure that discourages narrow-minded demands for excellence and perfectionism. And it feels so good... 
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Life lines

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