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The Roundup

AI in 2019 and the reality on the ground / Audio is changing digital marketing (and web analytics). / A public platform to analyse political speeches / Video measurement in search of standardisation / Dataviz to explain the diffusion processes.

Today’s AI

People often to look to the future (especially sci-fi) to talk about Artificial Intelligence. But what does it mean in real terms today? How will automation affect the working world in 2019?  Read more

Follow the voice

What are the challenges of audio for digital marketing (and analytics tracking)? Consultant Nicolas Hinternesch looks at the changes brought about by the arrival of voice assistants in the digital ecosystem, and predicts major shifts in the future... 
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Long speeches

#cicero is a platform for analysing the language of political speeches. It aims is to provide people with a clearer view above the mass of information reported by the media as well as understanding the positioning of our elected officials on major issues... 
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Video standard

4 media measurement bodies (Médiamétrie, Barc, Numeris and Video Research) have come together to form the international alliance GAMMA, an initiative to standardize video audience measurement worldwide... 
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These interactive visuals show how ideas, information or even viruses spread across a network... 
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